Giving Thanks on Her Birthday

Last year’s Thanksgiving day was not only Thanksgiving Day that year but also my oldest daughters birthday. She loves it still when her birthday falls on “Turkey Day “. There’s nothing quite as special as celebrating your birthday with a big family feast of turkey, ham and all the trimmings. While going through my blogs on my page recently I found the following and realized even without trying I tend to write in poetic form.


The bird is cooked, cut and cleaned,

The family here and gone.

Her birthday was a success,

even though maybe not the best.

Siblings chatted, cousins played,

everyones growing so fast.

And here I sit all full of gas,

wondering how long this indigestion will last.

It’s the end of another perfect turkey day.

Just a quick blog, nothing fancy, and yet going back and reading just those few words easily brought back that busy day for me. I know I should be looking for Easter poetry about now but I was sure noone would mind a little reminder of last years Thanksgiving Day. I hope you are all thankful everyday for your loved ones. I know I am !

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