Festive and Fun Kids’ Thanksgiving Movies for Families

Thanksgiving is here, meaning for many Americans, family, food, and festivities. Below are some Thanksgiving themed kids’ movies to add to your family festivities and Thanksgiving traditions along with the pumpkin pie. Turkey Day flicks for preschoolers or teens, below are some family friendly kids’ movies celebrating the holiday season for just about everyone in your family from animated comedies to live action dramas. Appropriate for classrooms and living rooms, these movies explore sharing and many other important holiday themes, so snuggle up and enjoy one of these Thanksgiving themed kids’ movies.

Festive and Fun Thanksgiving Movies for Kids Rated G and PG

Below are some PG rated family friendly holiday movies. If looking for an action packed movie, consider watching live action film, Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale. For a rated G animated feature, try Disney’s Pocahontas this Thanksgiving

  • Pocahontas, 1995
  • Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale, 1994
  • One Special Night, 1999
  • Molly’s Pilgrim, 1985

Top Thanksgiving Films for Kids and Families that are Not Rated

These movies are not rated, but these Thanksgiving themed films are great to watch after the pumpkin pie. Join the Peanut’s gang for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. If your family is more in the mood for a live-action flick, check out suitably heart warming Thanksgiving themed movie, An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, adapted from a Louisa May Alcott story. For something with a little more comedy, try Winnie the Pooh’s Season of Giving for a heartwarming flick your preschooler will thank you for.

  • An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
  • Care Bears Give Thanks,
  • Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration,
  • Bear in the Big Blue House: Halloween and Thanksgiving, 1997
  • Pocahontas: The Legend, 1995
  • The Rugrat’s Thanksgiving, 1991
  • Garfield’s Thanksgiving, 1989
  • Mayflower: The Pilgrim’s Adventure, 1975
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, 1973
  • The Mouse and the Mayflower, 1963

Holiday Teen Movies for Families Rated PG-13

If looking for a teen approved family movie, check out Thanksgiving themed Indie flick Pieces of April starring Katie Holmes. For a live action movie set in early Jamestown, see The New World. Here are some more Turkey Day themed films to snuggle up to this holiday season.

  • The New World, 2005
  • Pieces of April, 2003
  • Home for the Holidays, 1995
  • Addams Family Values, 1993
  • Dutch, 1991
  • Hannah and Her Sister, 1986

Look into TV specials or Your Favorite Shows for More Thanksgiving Entertainment

Most television shows, whether for preschoolers or adults, have seasonal episodes. Watch your TV guide to find out when your favorite show is airing a holiday themed episode to enjoy a Thanksgiving themed version of your favorite show.

Until then, enjoy these fun Thanksgiving themed movies for kids and families.

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