Giving a Thanksgiving Toast Your Guests will be Thankful For

Remembering All the Little Things that Make Us Thankful at Thanksgiving

It’s so easy when the holidays come around every year to forget what they’re all about. Giving thanks–that’s what Thanksgiving is of course all about, but do we ever stop to think about that? Most of the time we’re so busy with getting the house cleaned, buying the turkey, and preparing all the food that we forget the reason for the season. So why not come up with or create the tradition of a special toast? It’s an easy way to celebrate and observe the Thanksgiving spirit, and quite frankly it can unite the family.

I’ve heard of and like the idea of a toast whereby every member of the family adds something in. You may have seen something like that done at a wedding or even a funeral in remembrance… why not at Thanksgiving when we all have so much to be grateful for? You can establish the basis of the toast and then have everyone add onto it. Perhaps you could start with something simple:

Thanksgiving is a time for us all to unite
To remember what blesses us each day and night
To hold dear to our hearts our family and friends
That we are lucky to have until the end

We give thanks and remember what this day is about
How different our lives would be without a doubt
For each and every blessing we have in our life
To be thankful for all the good and very little strife

An added element that could create interaction within the family is to say thanks for an individual sitting at the table. Say aloud all the wonderful things that you are make you thankful for them all year round. This could then serve as a hand off to that person, who then goes through the same exercise. This could work well until everyone has gone around the table and been accounted for as a blessing.

Giving thanks can be fun, and a toast–long or short–can help to mark Thanksgiving for what it truly is.

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