How to Make a Thanksgiving Banner: Celebrate With a No-Sew Holiday Decoration

It is always fun to decorate for the fall and winter holiday season, but sometimes Thanksgiving gets lost among the Halloween spooks and Christmas trees. This year, make a festive banner to hang on Thanksgiving Day. Even if you do not go all out with other décor, this homemade decoration adds a personal touch to the big meal. Bring it out year after year for a family tradition everyone looks forward to.

Making a Thanksgiving Banner From Fabric

Choose felt or lush fabrics to make a Thanksgiving banner. These materials bring a cozy quality to the room that is perfect for fall. These instructions are for a no-sew fall-themed banner. Skilled sewers may choose to finish the edges of fabric pieces or appliqué letters and designs.


  • Heavy paper or cardstock
  • Computer
  • 8 x 8 squares of felt or fabric (The exact number depends on how many letter are in the sign. For example, a banner saying, “Happy Thanksgiving” will need 17 squares.)
  • Additional coordinating colors and patterns of felt or fabric for letters
  • Scissors
  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Iron
  • Seam binding or twill tape


  1. Print out each letter needed from a computer or freehand them on cardstock. Cut out to use as templates.
  2. Place the letters upside down on the wrong side of fabric. Use pins or double-sided tape to adhere. Cut out the letters from fabric.
  3. Follow the directions of the iron-on adhesive to attach each letter to one of the squares of felt or fabric.
  4. When each square is complete, lay them out in order on a table or the floor.
  5. Turn each piece over so the back is facing up.
  6. Prepare the seam binding or twill tape following the iron-on adhesive instructions and iron on to the top of each square.
  7. Flip the banner over. The finished phrase should be visible and the banner ready for hanging.

Using Paper for a Thanksgiving Banner

If making a banner out of fabric is not possible, paper is always a good alternative. Check the scrapbook sections of craft stores or websites for rich colors and fall themes on heavy stock or textured paper. Follow these instructions for homemade birthday banners, replacing the letters to spell out any holiday-appropriate phrase.

Ideas for Thanksgiving Banners

Many different phrases or images convey the meaning Thanksgiving. Choose one of these or make up your own to fit your family. Keep in mind the more letters or shapes it has, the more sewing and cutting it takes to make a banner.

  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • Give Thanks
  • Be Thankful
  • Turkey Day
  • Instead of words, simply use images of leaves, pumpkins, turkeys or pilgrim hats

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