How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal

When Thanksgiving comes around we are all thinking the same thing; family and good food. The Thanksgiving meal can be all-out fancy, to simple yet elegant. When planning for the Thanksgiving feast, you should take into account how many people you will need to buy for and what their likes and dislikes are. Once you start making your grocery list, you will be able to have plenty for everyone and still have some money left over.

Tip #1 How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal–

Buy the Right Size Main Dish

Depending on what your family’s traditional main dish is, whether turkey, ham, or duck, make sure that you buy the right size. If you are only having four people for dinner then a twenty pound turkey could prove to be a waste. Sure you will have lots of leftovers but if you are looking to save money, then only buy a little bit more than you will need. For four people a ten pound turkey will do just fine, and you should still have some nibbles leftover for later. Besides there’s more that you can do to enhance the entire meal and complement the main dish. If you are worried that the turkey will seem small when you get it on the large serving platter you can add garnishes to the outside to make it look fuller. Try placing the dressing in a ring around the turkey, or surround it with a roasted vegetable medley.

Tip #2 How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal–

Buy the Appropriate Side Dishes

Our kin have different tastes when it comes to side dishes. Be sure to ask what they would like for the meal. When you are planning for the dinner, try and have everyone involved in the menu. There is no point making the cranberry and raisin stuffing if no-one is going to eat it. When you know exactly what your family needs and wants, you will have a dinner that will be a success. And when it comes to buying the vegetables, comparison shop to see if it would be cheaper to buy them fresh, frozen, or canned. If you’d like, try and find a different recipe for making the side dishes instead of the usual way they are prepared. You can liven up your Thanksgiving meal, and possibly start a new family tradition by finding a yummy, innovative way to serve them.

Tip #3 How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal–

Save Money by Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

If you have the room for a garden, you should take advantage of it. By growing your own fruits and vegetables such as corn, green beans, pumpkins for pies, potatoes, squash, carrots, and others you will save a lot of money on your Thanksgiving meal. By canning or freezing your own, you will have more than enough for side dishes during the holiday season.

You don’t need a lot of space for a garden, so don’t let that hinder you. If you have limited space you can try container gardening or raised-bed gardening. Gardening takes a bit of work, but when you can get your vegetables fresh from your pantry or freezer instead of off a store shelf, you know that you have saved some major dough and your family will be eating healthier.

Tip #4
How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal–

Try Serving Some Appetizers Before the Meal

We all know how hard it can be to pull off a successful Thanksgiving meal; and at one time or another we’ve had family members standing around peeking in at the turkey waiting for it to get done. While your family and friends are standing around with their tummies rumbling, give them some appetizers to nibble on. Try setting out trays of varying meats and cheeses, or a cheese ball with tasty crackers. You can also make up a simple punch for them to have with their appetizers.

By doing this, you will serve two purposes. The first is that it will keep everyone out of the kitchen and out of your way so that you can finish the meal. And the second is that it will help to fill them up a bit and you will have more leftovers for later on. It doesn’t cost much to either put together your own trays or purchase them pre-made. If you need one that is pre-made from your grocer’s deli, make sure that you order it in ahead of time to ensure that you will have it to serve before the Thanksgiving meal.

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