Make a Thankfulness Turkey for a Thanksgiving Gathering

Create a paper turkey and post it on the wall. Family members cut out paper feathers onto which they’ll write what they are most thankful for on that day. Hang the turkey someplace prominent so family and friends can discuss what everyone has written. This turkey can become a keepsake. Start a family tradition of making a thankfulness turkey each year to see how everyone’s focus changes year-to-year.

Craft Materials for the Turkey

Make the turkey’s body shape from a piece of brown butcher paper or brown poster board. A small family can make a smaller turkey than a larger family. Draw the shape onto the paper with a pencil and then cut out the shape. Don’t worry about the turkey being a perfect shape.

Color the beak yellow and the wattle (that bit that hangs underneath its head) red. Color the feet yellow or cut a pair of feet from yellow construction paper. On the body, include the words, “I am thankful for…” Hang the turkey on the refrigerator or a wall where everyone will see it.

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids and their Family

Now find a table to leave a stack of construction paper, a pencil, some markers, a pair of scissors and some clear tape or a glue stick. Ask one of the kids to give instructions to both children and adults as to what they have to do. That child, or another child, can check to make sure everyone has added something to the turkey craft:

  1. Individuals trace their hand on a piece of construction paper. Make the turkey interesting looking by allowing guests to choose one of several autumn colors for the tracing.
  2. Cut out the hand shape.
  3. With a marker, a person writes on the shape what they are thankful for at this time. What they write may be the same thing that someone else wrote down.
  4. Glue or tape the hand to the turkey as one of the tail feathers. The shapes can overlap as long as the words don’t get covered.
  5. Each person should make one hand shaped tail feather.

At some point during the gathering, each person should explain why they wrote what they did on the turkey’s tail feather. When one person wrote that they are thankful for their family it is likely for different reasons than those used by someone else.

By creating a thankfulness turkey, guests at a Thanksgiving gathering get the opportunity to take some time to consider what it is they are thankful for this year. When going around the table, everyone has the opportunity to add details about what they wrote. This paper turkey can become a tradition to share with family and friends and may even become a keepsake to frame or store.

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