New Ideas for Starting Thanksgiving Traditions

Like many other holidays, Thanksgiving traditions are built around family. Families and friends around the world take the time to come together, share in a Thanksgiving feast and show how grateful they are for each other. There isn’t a better time to create family traditions and make lasting memories. This Thanksgiving try these suggestions for beginning new traditions within your family!

Creating a Thanksgiving Tradition By Beginning a Thankful Book

Each year, make a book filled with blank paper for each and every family member to write down something they are thankful for. A plain composition notebook, a journal or a binder filled with notebook paper works great. To take the Thanksgiving book a step further, use a computer to create a coversheet that should include the title of the book, the date and year the book was filled and the location of Thanksgiving that year. Everyone should take just a few moments to write down something they are especially thankful for and sign it. Another cute idea is to draw names from the family, including the children, and the person whose name is selected gets to design the cover sheet for that year. These books are wonderful for looking back for years to come.

Create a Past and Present Thanksgiving Moments Picture Collage

Everyone has seen the picture frames that have various sized and shaped openings for pictures. These frames work great for capturing memorable Thanksgiving moments each year. The pictures could be of anything! Family group photos, pictures of everyone at the dinner table, family traditions, and funny or sweet moments captured on film are all wonderful ideas to place in the frame. A cute idea is to take turns each year placing one person in charge of the camera. Whether an adult or child, the camera holder can take multiple photos and then select the photo they want included in the Thanksgiving picture frame. Engrave the time and place on the frame or write it on back of each photo. Once one frame is filled, move on to a new one.

Incorporating New Menu Ideas for a Fun Thanksgiving Tradition

One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions centers around food. Of course all of the traditional foods are prepared and served, but new ones are added every year. To make the new dishes fun and surprising, write down one or two different ingredients on sheets of paper. Then take these sheets, place them in a hat and several people select one. The object is to take the ingredients, locate or create a new recipe and prepare a dish that has not been served at the family Thanksgiving dinner before. The available ingredients, new recipes, and dish ideas are endless so this tradition can continue year after year. Snap a photo and make a record of everyone’s thoughts on the new dishes each year.

These are just a few suggestions for new traditions this Thanksgiving. All of these Thanksgiving traditions revolve around being thankful, family, and making memories. That is what Thanksgiving traditions are all about!

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