Prepare Your Dining Room for Thanksgiving: How to Get Ready for Holiday Company

If you are serving Thanksgiving dinner, putting all the details in place for a lovely holiday can be overwhelming. Here are some ways to keep it simple.

Clear Clutter

Before you can clean, decorate, or set the table, you will want to clear any extraneous clutter from the room. For people who don’t normally use the dining room except on major holidays, this room often becomes a catch-all for clutter. Purchase or re-use 2-3 large Rubbermaid plastic storage containers. Use masking tape to label the containers “Dining Room Before Thanksgiving” so you will know exactly where all the ‘stuff’ went from the room and won’t have to look for it later. Fill the containers and take them to the garage or attic.

Clean Up

Now that the clutter is gone from the dining room, you can begin cleaning it to get it ready for your holiday guests. Vacuum the floor, dust the furniture, and wash the windows. Tell the kids to stay out of the room so they don’t trudge in with shoes, backpacks, and toys- use police tape to seal off the room if you must! Use Murphy’s Oil Soap wipes on any wood surfaces- they are a great way to clean up quickly and give the room a clean, fresh scent. Clean your dining room table so it is ready to set.

Add Seasonal Decorations

You will want to create an inviting atmosphere in the room where your family will enjoy the meal. Add a clean or new seasonal tablecloth, and put candlesticks and fresh candles on the table. It’s gorgeous to serve Thanksgiving dinner by candlelight if you can, so if you’d like to try it, add some more candles around the room. Be careful to choose only one scented candle, however; you don’t want to bring too many smells into the room- dinner will smell lovely enough! A Thanksgiving centerpiece is a beautiful touch- either the traditional cornucopia or a pretty flower arrangement will do the trick.

Set Your Table

Setting the table will help get you in the mood for your Thanksgiving celebration and will also free up time for you on the busy holiday. If you have place mats and/or napkins that coordinate with your tablecloth, add then to your table. Don’t set glasses, dishes and silverware until Thanksgiving Day to avoid these items getting dusty and needing to be cleaned. Another nice touch is Thanksgiving place cards- check Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving page on her website for templates.

If your dining room is ready, you will have an easier time enjoying your holiday with family and friends. Also, consider having some Thanksgiving crafts available for the kids in the family. Don’t forget the Thanksgiving turkey!

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