Start a New Thanksgiving Family Tradition by Giving Thanks

With all the football games, parades, and fancy turkey recipes we often lose track of what Thanksgiving is really about. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about giving thanks. The first Thanksgiving way back in 162, was a celebration of a successful harvest and a way for the pilgrims to show appreciation for their blessings. Think about how you have been blessed this year and take some time to give thanks.

Starting a Thanksgiving Family Tradition

Writing thank you cards is a great family activity to do in preparation for Thanksgiving. Talk with your family at the beginning of November about who or what they are thankful for. You can make a list of people that your whole family is thankful for and write the thank you cards together. You can also have each person in the family create their own list and write individual thank you cards.

Who are You Thankful For?

When you are thinking about who to write thank you cards to, be creative. Think about anyone that has done something for you or blessed you in any way. You can include family members and friends on your list, but you should also try to include other acquaintances. Try to add a few people to your list that you maybe don’t know very well, but you are thankful for just the same.

If you have children in school you might want to write a thank you card to their teacher, principal, bus driver, or someone else that has made their school experience enjoyable. Write a thank you card to the person at work that always greets you with a smile and a friendly hello. If there is a restaurant that your family frequents, you could write a thank you note to the owner or your favorite waitress to let them know that their hard work is appreciated.

You can also include people you have never met on your list. You can send a thank you letter to the local police or fire station, and let them know how thankful you are for their service. Look for an organization like Operation Gratitude and write a thank you letter to the men and women that our serving our country in the military.

Thank You Card Ideas

After you have your list of people that you are wanting to write thank you cards for it’s time to start writing. The kind of card you use is not as important as the message that you are going to be writing, so feel free to buy some thank you cards at the store or make your own. In your thank you card, tell the person exactly why you appreciate them. Be specific. Let them know what they have done for you that made an impact on you or your family.

Taking the time to think about who you are thankful for will make you and your family realize how blessed you are. Your card will have a huge impact on the person receiving it and may even be an encouragement for them to keep doing what they’re doing.

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