Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Coupons and Sales: Save Money on Turkey Day Dinner by Shopping Smart and Early

Who says Thanksgiving hosts and hostesses have to buy a turkey the week before the big day? Clear out the freezer and be ready for sales at any moment. Check supermarket web sites for their weekly sales flyer, and pay attention to deals and coupon specials from now until turkey day.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Sales for Thanksgiving Dinner:

It is never too early to start planning Thanksgiving dinner. In fact the sooner consumers start planning, the more money they will save. Two weeks prior to the big day, supermarkets won’t likely offer turkeys or ham on sale. But now may be the time to buy that bird and store it in the freezer. And warehouse clubs often have delectable frozen desserts that guests will be convinced they come from a fancy bakery! But those desserts are hit or miss at Sam’s and Costco. So, by perusing the frozen foods section frequently between now and Thanksgiving, smart hosts can pick them up and once again, store in the freezer leaving one less thing to worry about.

Do an Internet Search for Manufacturer’s Coupons:

If cranberry relish is a staple at Thanksgiving dinner, start searching for coupons right now. Cans will keep for at least a year in the pantry. Green bean casserole is a favorite on a lot of Thanksgiving tables. Canned green beans often go on sale, especially the generic variety. Canned pumpkin pie mix is often a featured special on grocery store shelves in October. So, be sure to buy enough for at least two pies before the middle on November, when the prices will likely to go back up. Compare the price of a mix to baking from scratch. The results might be surprising. And who says dinner has to be all that elaborate? With people watching their weight, a couple simple low calorie side dishes will probably be greatly appreciated!

Consider a Potluck Dinner:

Who says the host has to cook the turkey? After all, isn’t providing the dining room enough? Divide up the responsibility between all the relatives. One person who is an excellent turkey baker can bring the bird, while another who doesn’t know his/her way around the kitchen at all, can supply the drinks. And the grandma who loves to bake pie, can bring dessert. This isn’t the year to go all out on an expensive Thanksgiving dinner and not ask for help. Everyone pitching in might draw families even closer. And even when the economy improves, this might be one tradition everyone should continue.

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