Thanksgiving Collage Ideas for Kids

Children love to make crafts. Thanksgiving collages are fun crafts to make and are an inexpensive activity that children will enjoy. A Thanksgiving collage is a wonderful decoration for your home or classroom.

Materials Needed for Thanksgiving Collages

It doesn’t take a lot of materials to make a collage. The materials are inexpensive and most can be found at your local dollar, grocery and craft stores. Some ideas for materials you may want to use include:

  • coloring pages (turkey, cornucopia, Indian, Pilgrim)
  • feathers
  • Indian corn kernels
  • different varieties of dried pasta
  • pieces of scrap fabric
  • various colors of construction paper cut into small pieces
  • glue
  • markers
  • cardboard

Collage Ideas

You and your children may have wonderful ideas of how to make a Thanksgiving collage by using the materials listed above. There are a variety of ways that the coloring pages can be decorated to make a collage. Start the crafting activity off by having your children glue the backs of a coloring page to the cardboard and cut the cardboard to fit the coloring page. This will make the coloring page sturdier and easier to hang.

  • To decorate the turkey coloring page, have the children glue feathers to the turkey’s tail feathers. The children can glue Indian corn to the body of turkey. Indian corn comes in many different colors, so the body of turkey will have a unique look even if all of the children use corn kernels for the turkey body. The feet and beak of the turkey can be decorates with yellow and orange construction paper pieces. If the children want they can use more feathers to decorate the wings of the turkey.
  • To decorate the cornucopia coloring page, have the children use spaghetti to decorate the cornucopia basket. The spaghetti is easy to break and can be made into any size they may need. The children can crisscross the spaghetti to give it a basket look. To decorate the fruits and vegetables in the picture, the children can color macaroni or other pasta to match the colors of the food and glue them onto the picture. Have the children use red, orange and yellow scrap fabric to decorate the fall leaves in the picture.
  • To decorate the Indian coloring page, have the children decorate the headband with corn kernels. If the headband has feathers, have the children glue real feathers to the feathers on the picture. The children can use construction paper or fabrics to glue to the Indian’s clothing. Different shades of brown can be used for the clothing. If there are designs on the clothing the children can decorate them with colored pasta.
  • To decorate the Pilgrim coloring pages, have the children use bright colors instead of gray, brown and black. The pilgrims did wear colorful clothing. The children can decorate the clothes using fabric or construction paper cutouts. If there is a buckle on the hat and shoes of the pilgrim, have the children decorate them with pasta.

Thanksgiving collages are inexpensive and fun to make. Collages are wonderful decorations to hang on your walls at home or in the classroom. There are many different materials that can be used to make collages and they can be found at reasonable prices at nearby stores. Children will love this fun Thanksgiving craft.

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