Thanksgiving Disaster Stories – How to Find Humor in the Holiday

Thanksgiving is a time for family, fellowship, food…so why do things seem to go wrong at the worst possible time? Big holidays tend to deliver great expectations with images of family and friends gathered in health, harmony, and happiness. For some, that vision quickly erodes into a holiday fiasco.

Travel Troubles and Health Problems at Thanksgiving

Many people travel to be together for Thanksgiving, and, unfortunately, some routes may run amuck. A missed layover, a broken water pump, the transmission that finally rode its last mile…many people end up spending Thanksgiving far away from their intended destination or arriving just in time to wash the dishes. Some are just thankful to get from point A to point B, even if they do not have their luggage with them.

Those who are present for the holiday festivities may discover that traveling and different foods may bring about a whole host of ailments, from allergic reactions to abdominal pain, from choking to experiencing indigestion. Those who develop a case of shingles or kidney stones for the holidays are not likely to forget that date any time in the near future, if they are able to come. All of the family members might remember a Thanksgiving in which everyone came down with the flu or food poisoning soon after the get-together.

Thanksgiving Disasters in the Home

Thanksgiving seems to be a time when the home, the yard, and all of its many facets want to rear their ugly broken heads and protest. The year the heat pump stops working on Thanksgiving is almost sure to be accompanied by unseasonably bitterly cold temperatures. Broken water pipes on Thanksgiving day are about as welcome as a backed up septic tank That will be the year that everyone can actually make it in to visit for the special holiday of thanks.

That strange noise that the refrigerator was making finally stopped the night before Thanksgiving…unfortunately so did the refrigerator. Or perhaps the oven decided to go on the blink just as you were beginning to cook the family feast. Maybe that disaster might pale when compared to the year that the food burst into flames and the fire department had to be called in to share in the special occasion.

Cooking Problems on Thanksgiving

Even if all the appliances are up and running on Thanksgiving, many cooking challenges often await even the most experienced of cooks. Those who are cooking Thanksgiving dinner may be faced with decisions like what to do when the child who is helping in the kitchen suddenly sneezes directly over the dressing just five minutes before the meal is ready to be served.

Finding a frozen turkey might be quite easy the day before Thanksgiving. Effectively thawing and cooking a turkey on the same day might not be quite so easy. Then there are the years that the turkey was cooked to perfection and then cooked for an additional two hours. Those who are cooking a whole turkey for the first time might be surprised to see an ugly bag of giblets stuffed inside a bird that looked so beautiful just moments before.

Maybe that wonderful recipe looked great on paper but did not deliver the great taste that was expected. The old favorite family Thanksgiving recipes can also quickly turn sour if bugs are in the flour, the brown sugar is hard as a brick, key ingredients are missing, or the eggs are rotten.

The cook that creates the perfect Thanksgiving meal, complete with seasonal decorations might be foiled by the relative’s visiting dog that thinks the meal looks too delicious to resist and is faster than even the toddler in the family. Then there are the relatives that suddenly have the opportunity to make all the desserts for future holidays after they remark that they like frozen pie crusts better than the melt-in-your-mouth homemade one made by another relative.

How to Survive Thanksgiving and Still be Thankful

Sometimes the best part of Thanksgiving is that it is only once a year. Many of those Thanksgiving mishaps that seem so serious at the time may become funny over the years…sometimes. Many people can find great and innovative ways to recover from any Thanksgiving disaster that might occur and turn it into a learning opportunity about perseverance and originality. People who experience a less than perfect Thanksgiving holiday may at least comfort themselves that these are often the times that lend themselves to great stories to pass on to the next generation, who will likely experience their own Thanksgiving mishaps through which to learn and grow.

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