Thanksgiving Gift Ideas: Give Thanks With Homemade Autumn Baskets, Bouquets, and Gift Jars

Wondering what gifts to bring to the holiday host this year on Thanksgiving Day? Or maybe a loved one is far away and the idea of sending a great Thanksgiving gift basket sounds appealing. Whomever the recipient is, give thanks this holiday season with a Thanksgiving gift idea that has a warm, colorful autumn theme. Try putting together a Thanksgiving gift basket, hand-made bouquet or gift jar for that special someone.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

There are so many ideas that can make a Thanksgiving gift basket a really special present on Thanksgiving Day. Finding a fall themed woven basket or decorative ceramic bowl will be the easy part, and filling it up with wonderful autumn items and products will be the fun part! Try these five options for the Thanksgiving gift basket:

  1. Fall pumpkin basket filled with small sugar pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, and loaves of freshly baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread.
  2. Autumn apple basket filled with freshly picked apples, apple cider, freshly canned cinnamon applesauce, homemade apple crisp.
  3. Wine Harvest Basket with different delectable table wines (apple wine might be fun), cheeses, apple chips, and various crackers.
  4. Thanksgiving Décor Basket loaded with autumn gourds, fall leaf garland, colorful candles, and ceramic candleholders.
  5. Thanksgiving Greeting Basket filled with warm greeting cards, stationery, decorative pens and pencils, pencil holder or Thanksgiving mug to hold writing utensils.

Thanksgiving Bouquets and Floral Arrangements

Making an autumn bouquet with fresh or artificial flowers is really simple and can be very economical. An arrangement of fresh flowers can be as simple as picking a couple of warm fall bouquets from a local flower shop, and creating a lovely and full arrangement in a fall vase.

For an artificial fall arrangement, a variety of realistic looking flowers can be found in many craft stores. Also, a basket or vase will compliment the color theme, and green floral foam might be necessary to hold the flowers (in wider arrangements). Alternatively, a fall foliage bouquet would be another great choice. Although optional, floral wire cutters might be handy to trim the tough stems and add shape to the Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

Fall Themed Gift Jars

Thanksgiving gift jars are a great and cheap alternative to bouquets and baskets. Jars can be bought at any craft/dollar store and are found in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors. The chosen gift jar should be opaque so that the contents inside can be easily seen. Clear is usually the best choice.

Place Thanksgiving type items into the jar, such as pumpkin seeds, tiny glitter pumpkins or gourds, colorful artificial leaves and other items. Tie a fall colored ribbon around the jar for a final touch. There are also many ideas for gifts and jars that children can make.

Giving thanks this November will be easy using the above Thanksgiving gift ideas. The efforts of putting together a lovely autumn basket, bouquet, or gift jar for a loved one or the Thanksgiving Day host will be greatly appreciated and warmly received. Make that special someone’s November holiday one to remember with these creative Thanksgiving gift ideas from the heart.

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