Thanksgiving Lesson to Teach Colors and Patterns to Kindergarten

Kindergarten students need to be able to read and identify color words and mix primary colors to form secondary colors. During Thanksgiving teachers can use turkeys and colored turkey feathers to teach students color mini-lessons. Once the students are able to mix and identify colors teachers can use different color turkey feathers to have students practice identifying math color patterns.

Thanksgiving Turkey Color Lesson Kindergarten Objectives

  1. Students will identify and read the color words red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black and brown.
  2. Students will mix the primary colors red, yellow, and blue to make the secondary colors orange, green and purple.
  3. Students will use turkey feather to create ABAB, AABB, and ABC math color patterns.

Kindergarten Color Word Thanksgiving Lesson

The kindergarten teacher begins the color lesson by placing the body of a large turkey on the front board. She holds up different color feathers for the students to see and asks them to identify each one. She writes the color word on each of the feathers and places them on turkey body.

The teacher reads each of the color words to the class and points out word parts that they already know how to read. She assists the class with reading each of the words. The teacher passes out a turkey graphic to the students. They color and label the turkey feathers. The teacher hangs the large turkey on a bulletin board in the classroom to use a visual aid and refers to it throughout the color lessons.

Kindergarten Color Mixing Lesson

The teacher uses the large turkey on the bulletin board to review the color words with the kindergarten students. She removes the red, yellow, and blue feathers from the turkey and places them on the front board. She explains to the class that these three colors are called primary colors and they can be mixed together to make new colors.

The teacher asks the students if they have ever mixed paint colors together to form new colors and that these new colors are called secondary colors. The students share their painting experiences with the class. The teacher builds on the kids’ answers to demonstrate how red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, and blue and red make purple. She passes out paints and paper to the students so that they can practice making new colors. Once the paint has dried the students use their turkeys to correctly label each of the colors.

Kindergarten Color Pattern Thanksgiving Math Lesson

The kindergarten teacher begins the color pattern lesson by reviewing the color words on the turkey bulletin board with the students. She then gets out more feathers in all of the colors for the students to use to create color patterns with. The teacher uses two different color feathers to create an AABB pattern on the front board. The students use their feathers to copy and continue the pattern at their seats.

The teacher repeats the activity with ABAB and ABC color patterns. The students use their feathers to complete the patterns at their desks. The teacher pairs the students with a partner and they take turns using the colored feathers to create one of the patterns for their partner to finish.

Different colored turkey feathers can be used to teach kindergarten students color words, color mixing, and math patterns.

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