Thanksgiving Printables for Kids

Create a cute Thanksgiving artwork or encourage your child to learn more about the holiday through free printable coloring sheets. Websites such as DLTK, Disney Family Fun, Kaboose, and other similar family oriented internet sources are great resources for parents, while ABC Teach, edHelper, and others work well for teachers.

Finding a Free Printable Website for Thanksgiving Activities

There are countless numbers of websites that offer free pintables for the holidays. Start your search with keywords such as Thanksgiving activities, kids’ Thanksgiving activities, Printable holiday pages, free pintables, or free printable holiday pages.

Check out each website to see what it has to offer. Some may provide numerous options such as coloring pages, activity sheets, and even educational or curricular resources. Make sure that the site you choose has plentiful pages for your child’s age group. A cartoon turkey may be adorable, but your fifth grader most likely won’t be happy coloring this simple page.

Remember to make sure that the website actually offers free or no cost activities. Some kids’ sites have coloring pages and games that you must purchase prior to printing. Although these may be quality activities, it is best to start with no cost pages.

Different Types of Kids’ Coloring Pages

Holiday themed coloring pages come in many different Thanksgiving based ideas. Primary pictures to look for include:

  • Turkeys
  • Pilgrims
  • Cornucopia
  • Holiday foods
  • Dinner table
  • Families celebrating the holiday

Printable Thanksgiving Decorations

If your little is on an overload of coloring page turkeys, pilgrims, and cornucopias, try free printable holiday decorations. Many websites have place cards, napkin holders, or placemats with a Thanksgiving theme.

These basic decorations can be downloaded, printed, and colored or painted. For added interest, get creative and use glitter, sequins, and glue for a festive sparkle.

Thanksgiving Activities

Not all children enjoy coloring in printable pages. If your child falls into the non-artist consider finding a holiday activity sheet. Thanksgiving activities take many forms, but are typically educational in nature.

These printable pages may include memory cards, bingo sheets, paper puzzles that can be cut with scissors and reassembled, mazes, and word searches and scrambles.

More advanced or elaborate activates such as printable Thanksgiving books, history sheets, or recipe cards may be of particular interest to an older child or middle schooler.

Thanksgiving themed coloring pages and activities can be a creative way to interest your child in an upcoming celebration. Find a website that offers a variety of choices and fits your child’s age, print, and watch as he or she enjoys a special holiday treat!

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