Thanksgiving Turkey Art Project: Use Leaf Rubbings To Make This Turkey’s Tail

Need a new idea for some Thanksgiving turkey art?

Follow these simple directions to create a stylish turkey.

Use a quarter sheet of poster board or heavy white art paper for a background.

Cut your turkey head and body circles and gobblers ( the snood and wattles) out of colored construction paper. Set them aside.

Find a leaf the size and shape you want your turkey’s tail feathers to be.

Center a thin white paper on your poster board. Place your turkey parts in a pleasing arrangement. Do not glue them down yet.

Slip the leaf under the paper and rub over the top of the paper (over the leaf) with the side of a crayon. The shape of the leaf will appear and become your turkey’s first tail feather. Add more leaf rubs in different colors to make your turkey grand!

Now glue the white art paper to the cardboard background and glue the turkey’s body circle, head circle and gobblers on. Add a beak , eyeballs, and turkey legs and 3-toed feet and you are done.

Try the same leaf rubbing to make a “Thankful Tree.” Make the tree trunk from brown construction paper. Rub in the leaf shapes with orage, red or yellow crayons. Now write on the leaves what you are thankful for

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