The Day After Thanksgiving

Prepare for Black Friday by making a list of things that you wish to buy for gifts and for yourself. Check ads ahead of time in case any desired items go on sale thus you can avoid the rush. Check stores online sites to see if they are offering the item at the same sale price.

Many stores offer free shipping during the holiday season. Shopping online can save you money, time, and stress. Keep in mind that people arrive very early at the stores and if a very popular item is making its debut people will stand in line all night in hopes of scoring.

Check Ads

Check newspapers the week of Thanksgiving to see what is being offered at a drastic reduction on Black Friday. Places such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s may put flyers in the paper on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Some ads may not arrive until Thanksgiving Day so it important to check both days for ads to stores you wish to visit.

Black Friday is a good time to receive deals on bigger items such as televisions and computers. These deals won’t be limited to stores such as Best Buy since department stores also sell such items. If an item is sold out ask if the store is offering a substitute.

Get Up Early

Once Friday arrives allow enough time to get ready and arrive at the stores early, so that you may get in line for the opening of the doors. If store maps are offered take advantage of them. Be polite avoid pushing or shoving no deal is worth getting hurt or becoming a statistic over. Once inside the store as you collect the items on your list watch for unadvertised specials, but only buy it if you can use it.

Buying only the items on your list will enable you to stay within your budget. If there is an item that you want but is not on sale ask a sales associate if it will be going on sale before the holiday. If it is then wait to buy it, if not you can decide if you can fit it into your budget. Enjoy the day with a friend. After all the shopping is over go out for a nice lunch and relax. Black Friday can be fun with a little planning. Returning home with a completed list will give you the feeling of great accomplishment.

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