Time Saving Thanksgiving Tips: From The Renaissance Gourmet’s Kitchen to You

You have friends and family coming over or you’re heading to their house and you’re expected to bring a dish or two. You start hitting the internal panic button, wondering “what could I possibly make that isn’t going to break the bank or my back??” Here to answer this and other holiday entertaining quandry is the queen of cool herself- Angela Tunner, British Columbia’s own Renaissance Gourmet.

The Renaissance Gourmet’s Top 5 Thanksgiving Tips:

1. Making it Easy!

Don’t over complicate! When it comes to the Holidays people tend to go overboard. Even a holiday meal for many is simple when stripped down to this: a meat, a few sides, condiments, dessert and beverage. Keep it simple (though it won’t look like it was) and it will always put a smile on you and your guests’ faces!

2. Making it Economical!

Dishes are best and less costly when kept simple. Stick to more seasonal fare, dishes that are simply prepared, taste of themselves and enjoy all the freshness that the Fall has to offer. Warm the cockles of your heart and soul and keep more in your pocket with more hearty, rustic fare!

3. Making it Elegant!

With a few simple touches and a little attention to detail you can present a timeless and elegant table. Pick up little table place gifts/place cards at the drug, dollar store or supermarket. Little inexpensive picture frames can double as place card holders and are a useable gift. Or get tiny boxes of chocolates, tie with a ribbon and write the person’s name on a tag. Take a nature walk or go out in your garden and use some simple greenery (pine, twigs or branches) and fresh fruit like apples and or pears to dress up your table or create a more festive look.

4. Brownest Turkey!

For the brownest Thanksgiving turkey DRY then BUTTER COAT!! Using paper towel, dry the turkey. Place in roasting pan, breast up. Fill with stuffing. Tuck the wings under the shoulder. Tie the legs together with twine. Dry the skin all over the bird well. Scoop out about 1/3 to ¼ cup of margarine or softened butter and spread all over the bird covering all of the skin. Season with a little sea salt and roast to perfection!

5. Great Gravy!

Not an experienced gravy maker? Cheat and still get good results (cooking purists, skip this section!) using packaged gravy and add turkey drippings for that homemade flavour. Use a good powdered gravy like Knorr. Or why not try green peppercorn or mushroom for something a little different!

Happy feasting- and remember, it’s as much about sharing with friends and family than it is about the food! So enjoy and relax!

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