Vegetarian Thanksgiving Substitutions: Simple Meat-Free Dishes for Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving meal is usually filled with meat dishes, not least of which is the turkey. For many vegetarians, a meat-free Thanksgiving meal has been a challenge.Thanks to faux-meat products and some simple recipe substitutions, vegetarians can celebrate the holiday without missing the meat.

Tofurkey Holiday Faux Turkey Roasts

For most, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without turkey of some sort. Luckily, Turtle Island Foods manufactures a completely meat-free turkey roast called Tofurkey roast and gravy.

The Tofurkey roast and gravy is a turkey-like food made from a tofu-wheat protein blend. The Tofurkey roast and gravy comes pre-cooked and only requires reheating before being served. The faux turkey roast also features a mushroom gravy that can be used on the turkey and on mashed potatoes.

The Tofurkey roast and gravy can be purchased at all Whole Foods stores or it can be ordered online directly from Turtle Island Foods.

Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chicken Strips with Noodles

Morningstar Farms manufactures a simulated chicken product called Meal Starters Chicken Strips. The vegetarian chicken strips are meant to be used in recipes that call for chicken strips.

At Thanksgiving, the Meal Starter chicken strips can be used in egg noodles, along with a vegetable broth to make vegetarian chicken and noodles.

The chicken meal starters are made from a mixture of soy and wheat products. They are designed to have a texture similar to chicken strips. The chicken strips can be seasoned and cooked into most recipes that require chicken.

Morningstar Farms products can be found in the frozen food section of the local grocery store. The Morningstar Farms site also provides links to coupons and recipes for other dishes.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Stuffing

Any stuffing can be made vegetarian-friendly by substituting a mushroom or vegetable broth for a meat-based broth. This single substitution hardly changes the taste of the stuffing, but makes the dish completely meat-free. This substitution is great for those who have a favorite family stuffing that they would like to have without meat products.

Vegetable or mushroom broths are made only from the juices of vegetables and mushrooms and some salt for seasoning.

Vegetable or mushroom broths can be purchased in a box or a can at your local grocery store.

A Thanksgiving Meal For All to Enjoy

Finally, remember that Thanksgiving is about bringing family and friends together to celebrate blessings. By including vegetarian-friendly dishes, you can create a Thanksgiving meal suitable for all guests. Adding vegetarian dishes to the Thanksgiving meal will make everyone feel welcome and add variety to the meal that all will enjoy.

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